Monday on Tuesday

Today felt like a Monday.

I didn’t get to sleep last night until well past 2.  I woke up at 5:30, rolled over and didn’t get out of bed until 8:40.  I didn’t even hear my alarm.  After I showered and changed, I signed into work.  That’s when I realized I had a 9:00AM call.  By the time I dialed in, I was a few minutes late.  And everyone was asking why I was late and convinced that I had slept in?  Everyone in my team are early birds.   I made up some excuse.  An hour later, my stomach was growling because I didn’t have breakfast.  So I made some peanut butter and jam sandwiches which doubled as my lunch.

Later in the day, I wanted to make tea.  I noticed a grocery bag by the pantry and went to move it.  It still had stuff.  I looked in and it was from last week.  Fortunately there weren’t any perishables.  But the cap to bottle of dishwashing detergent had broken and 3/4 of the bottle had spiled out.  Most of it was contained in the bag but there was a fair amount that spilled to my hardwood floors.  I wiped everything up with a wet rag.  Every time I rinsed the rag, there were endless amount of suds. It took ages to finish wiping the floor.

My doctor’s office called later.  I guess whatever you tell the doctor doesn’t get to the people who make appointments for medical work.  And the lady who was talking to me seemed nervous.  Whenever I had a question, she would just ask if she was speaking to the right person and started at the beginning.  It was so frustrating.

Maybe I should just skip dinner and go to bed.  I’m sure if I go out for a walk tonight, I’ll get abducted by aliens.


8 thoughts on “Monday on Tuesday

  1. Wow. 😦 That does sound like a Moan-Day…er…Monday.
    I think we all have so much info in our brains and are so busy, we
    forget things that we shouldn’t. Oh…ah…I can’t remember what else I was gonna’ say.
    Oh! Ha! I remember now! What you said about possibly getting abducted is funny! 😀 I hope you stayed in and got some sleep.
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…PB&J sandwich sounds yummy! 🙂

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