Sibling stuff

I had dinner with my brother’s extended family the other night.  As usual, he didn’t listen to me and ordered way too much food.  Secretly I was hoping to get some of the leftovers to take home so I didn’t have to cook but I didn’t get any.  Probably because I lectured too much.  He was busy taking pictures and chatting with everyone so while he sat beside me, we didn’t get to talk much.  My sis also sat beside me, but was busy playing with a baby.  Both my siblings seem to have a knack with kids and they all seem to laugh at their antics.  After dinner, we had coffee and desserts at my brother’s place.  He asked about my health issue and I gave him an update.  Unlike my sister, he doesn’t freak out at these things.  We don’t do the bro hug stuff and only lately did we shake hands. Usually it was just a nod and bye.  I noticed she hugged my sister before she left.  I think I only hugged her twice, both at funerals of my parents.

My sis and chatted a bit as I drover her home.  It wasn’t anything deep, just small talk.  Even though it’s been over a year since dad passed away, she still wakes up in the middle of the night at the same time he used to wake up.  In my dad’s last year, she would help him into the washroom.  Dad didn’t like that idea.  But my sister was scared he would fall that she would just wake up as soon as she heard him moving.  Eventually dad relented and just rang a bell.  Most of the time, dad would just have insomnia and would just walk to the living room to watch TV.  But those would still be the hours she would wake up.  So now she can’t sleep at night.  I don’t really know what advice to give her.


6 thoughts on “Sibling stuff

  1. Sibling relationships can be complicated sometimes. And seems where you are in birth order, sometimes has a lot to do with the interactions. (I am one of 8 kids. And we are a loud, huggy group! Do you feel sorry for me?! 😉 😀 )
    I’m sorry your sister is going through that, but it is understandable. I hope as time goes on that will change. I wen through a bit of that when my mom died 3 years ago. When I wake up and can’t fall back to sleep, I lie there and mediate. Or I get up and get a hot cup of tea and snuggle in a blanket in the living room.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. I think what you’re doing for your sister now is good enough 🙂 I only hug my family when we separate at the airport (and not all the time, either). Handshakes are only reserved for males in my family, and I’ve only done that once, when I graduated from university hahah.

  3. it’s more like a habit, really. i find myself can’t sleep early, but always wake up in the middle of the night for bathroom, and will be up before the alarm goes off. i even wake up about the same time in the weekend when i can actually sleep late. it’s all habit.

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