I have this thing for overeating when I’m stressed out.  I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s the feeling of being stuffed that brings back memories of my mom’s cooking.  It’s likely the memories of comfort foods and the feeling of being very satisfied.  But during a lot of stressful days, I will just nibble here and there.  Before I know it, I’m sure I’ve consumed the equivalent of a meal or two.  I made some pasta tonight.  I used a turkey sausage (took out the casings), added some garlic, scallions,  a bit of chili, tomato sauce and some canned tomatoes.  The pasta was simply some macaroni.  It tasted fine.  I’m a fast eater and I usually read when I eat.  So I just ate and ate until I finished reading.  It was 2 bowls of pasta.

After I cleaned up and rested, I went upstairs to the gym.  It was a light workout.  But I got to stay on top of this snacking before I become some 600 lb creature.


4 thoughts on “Eating

  1. That dinner doesn’t sound big, at all, to me. Just then I had a big bowl of Phnom Penh noodles (I think that’s what it’s called), two blobs of chocolate, a handful of candy, a bowl of yoghurt…. and I think that was it.

    I guess what really counts is how much (and what type) of calories you consume over a long period of time.

    But, anyway, calorie counting is boring. It’s much easier to just eat and hold back, here and there.

  2. Your meal sounds yummy!
    They say many small meals during the day (grazing) is better than a one or two big meals. But then what do “they” know! 😉 😀 I’ve subbed turkey (ground) for other meats and I love it. Also, I eat a lot of fish.
    I think eating IS emotional and a good memory for most people. Very comforting. So it’s hard to control it sometimes. Plus, we have to do it to stay alive. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  3. I am like that too Matt. And, when I finish devouring all the food, I get so angry at myself for being such a glutton. After I return home, it is going to be a big change over in the way I eat.

  4. i can’t stop myself from snacking when it comes to salt&vinegar flavored potato chips. i mean, the intention is always go for a few bites, then save the rest for another time. BUT each time i do so, before i know it the whole bag is empty.

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