Sunny Sunday Rant

I was going to rant about work again.  I had to work this weekend.  I spent half a day on Saturday to review a client document), and another 3/4 day on Sunday which includes a 4 hour meeting to prepare our company’s response.  We don’t get compensated for overtime (I don’t get paid hourly).  As for my reorg changes – I probably won’t find out until March who I will be reporting to and what other changes we have to adapt to.  For now we just have to be professional about it.

There are some good things about work.  I’ve developed a good network of colleagues.  Because a lot of us work remotely, I don’t see them at all.  But it’s nice to have colleagues you can trust and vice versa.  People tell me things off line and in confidence.   Most of the people I deal with like working with me.  I detest some but fortunately they are in the minority.

I still have problem sleeping.  I’ve gotten phone calls from unknown callers in the middle of the night last week which was unsettling.  I get sleepy around 5 every day.  Even if I have sex at that time, I’ll doze off.  (no I haven’t tried).  On the plus side, I had some blood work done recently – no issues.

It’s a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning.  I just wish I wasn’t working.


Monday on Tuesday

Today felt like a Monday.

I didn’t get to sleep last night until well past 2.  I woke up at 5:30, rolled over and didn’t get out of bed until 8:40.  I didn’t even hear my alarm.  After I showered and changed, I signed into work.  That’s when I realized I had a 9:00AM call.  By the time I dialed in, I was a few minutes late.  And everyone was asking why I was late and convinced that I had slept in?  Everyone in my team are early birds.   I made up some excuse.  An hour later, my stomach was growling because I didn’t have breakfast.  So I made some peanut butter and jam sandwiches which doubled as my lunch.

Later in the day, I wanted to make tea.  I noticed a grocery bag by the pantry and went to move it.  It still had stuff.  I looked in and it was from last week.  Fortunately there weren’t any perishables.  But the cap to bottle of dishwashing detergent had broken and 3/4 of the bottle had spiled out.  Most of it was contained in the bag but there was a fair amount that spilled to my hardwood floors.  I wiped everything up with a wet rag.  Every time I rinsed the rag, there were endless amount of suds. It took ages to finish wiping the floor.

My doctor’s office called later.  I guess whatever you tell the doctor doesn’t get to the people who make appointments for medical work.  And the lady who was talking to me seemed nervous.  Whenever I had a question, she would just ask if she was speaking to the right person and started at the beginning.  It was so frustrating.

Maybe I should just skip dinner and go to bed.  I’m sure if I go out for a walk tonight, I’ll get abducted by aliens.

Sibling stuff

I had dinner with my brother’s extended family the other night.  As usual, he didn’t listen to me and ordered way too much food.  Secretly I was hoping to get some of the leftovers to take home so I didn’t have to cook but I didn’t get any.  Probably because I lectured too much.  He was busy taking pictures and chatting with everyone so while he sat beside me, we didn’t get to talk much.  My sis also sat beside me, but was busy playing with a baby.  Both my siblings seem to have a knack with kids and they all seem to laugh at their antics.  After dinner, we had coffee and desserts at my brother’s place.  He asked about my health issue and I gave him an update.  Unlike my sister, he doesn’t freak out at these things.  We don’t do the bro hug stuff and only lately did we shake hands. Usually it was just a nod and bye.  I noticed she hugged my sister before she left.  I think I only hugged her twice, both at funerals of my parents.

My sis and chatted a bit as I drover her home.  It wasn’t anything deep, just small talk.  Even though it’s been over a year since dad passed away, she still wakes up in the middle of the night at the same time he used to wake up.  In my dad’s last year, she would help him into the washroom.  Dad didn’t like that idea.  But my sister was scared he would fall that she would just wake up as soon as she heard him moving.  Eventually dad relented and just rang a bell.  Most of the time, dad would just have insomnia and would just walk to the living room to watch TV.  But those would still be the hours she would wake up.  So now she can’t sleep at night.  I don’t really know what advice to give her.

Where Are You?

It’s hard when you have anonymous online friends.  All I know is their nom du plume, a bit about what they do and perhaps the city in which they live in.  The rest is what they choose to reveal in their writing.  It’s the honesty and quality in their writing that draws me in.  And over time, in some mysterious ways, a fragile but real relationship is developed.  When I don’t hear from them over time, you wonder if some thing has happened.

Maybe life just got in the way.  It happens.  Or maybe it’s just as simple as having email and/or internet problems.  Or maybe you’re just traveling around.   Maybe I just worry too much.  I hope you’ll surface soon.  Because reading stuff from Niccolo Machiavelli isn’t the same.


I have this thing for overeating when I’m stressed out.  I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s the feeling of being stuffed that brings back memories of my mom’s cooking.  It’s likely the memories of comfort foods and the feeling of being very satisfied.  But during a lot of stressful days, I will just nibble here and there.  Before I know it, I’m sure I’ve consumed the equivalent of a meal or two.  I made some pasta tonight.  I used a turkey sausage (took out the casings), added some garlic, scallions,  a bit of chili, tomato sauce and some canned tomatoes.  The pasta was simply some macaroni.  It tasted fine.  I’m a fast eater and I usually read when I eat.  So I just ate and ate until I finished reading.  It was 2 bowls of pasta.

After I cleaned up and rested, I went upstairs to the gym.  It was a light workout.  But I got to stay on top of this snacking before I become some 600 lb creature.

Pet Peeves

Here’s some recent pet peeves.

1.  Dog owners who don’t pick up after their dogs.  I always have to keep an eagle eye out for dog droppings in my ‘hood.  While it is not littered with dog poop.  There’s been a few land mines.  The worse are the dog owners who don’t know what to do when their little ones have diarrhea.  OMG… don’t use the plastic bag to smear it all over the sidewalk.  Get down on your hands and knees and scrub that sidewalk clean!

2.  Slow drivers on the highway.  Just move to the right lane please if you’re just going to do the speed limit.  I’ve been a lot more tolerant of this after watching my dad drive.  But some people are so nervous driving on the highway so they think they are being safe by hogging the middle lane and doing a bit below the speed limit.  Argh…

3.  Waiters who don’t write down the orders and then forget them as soon as they walk away.

4.  Companies who announce major organizational changes through an internal blog.  Really?  Seriously?  WTF happened to managing change?  I have no idea what my new role is.  I wish I was paid an obscene amount of $ to just sit around.

5.  There are just too many people are taking too many selfies.

6. The overuse of the words “random” with kids and teens.  If I was a teacher, I would make you lick the floor every time you use that word.

7.  People who laugh at the elderly.  There will be a special place in hell for you.

Sleeping with Rigby

I rolled over in bed and our eyes met. I smiled and asked “Did I wake you up?”

“No, I was already awake and was just watching the sunlight glowing off your body.”

I pulled the sheets up to my neck with fake modesty and laughed.  He rolled over on his back while I leaned closer to him.  I can’t believe that we ended up in bed together.  I pulled him closer and kissed his ears and neck.  He closed his eyes and allowed my hands to caress his chest.  It’s been awhile since I slept with anyone and this wasn’t even a date.

We met on a photography course.  The course was interesting and during one weekend, we were assigned as partners to do some shooting in the city.  He never said a lot during classes and I barely noticed him.  I sat near the front and he was always at the back and usually late.  His clothes seemed to be one size bigger and were always wrinkled.  I wondered if he knew how to iron or even used a dryer.  He had this geeky nerdy look.  During one class, we had to show 2 or 3 pictures while the instructor gave us his feedback.  The instructor gave him better feedback than my pictures. “Well done Rigby!  The composition on your first picture was very good.  Your second picture had a very nice street photography feel to it and really drew me in.  The lighting and exposure in your last photo of the monument gave it a very nice soft feel.”

Rigby?  What kind of name is Rigby?  I looked back and he noticed me looking at him.  I turned around and quietly sulked.

The week after, we had to plan our shooting assignment.  I did most of the talking and he nodded and didn’t say much.  He had a deep voice with a vague Singapore or Malaysian accent.  He looked somewhere between 20 and 25.  I asked him if he was fine with our plan and if he wanted to make any changes.  “No, this is fine.  You are a lot better organizing and planning things than I am.”  He told me where to meet and that we would need to go back to his place first to pick up his camera as he was coming from a part time job.

He showed up on time and we went back to his place.  It was an apartment on top of a store.  I was surprised how large it was and how nice it was.  I looked around while he went to his room to get his gear.  He had a few black and white pictures in the dining room table.  I went over and noticed they were all nudes, mostly male but some female.  The guys were hot.

Rigby came out and let out a soft gasp.  “I’m sorry, I forgot they were there.  My friends might be upset if they knew someone else saw them.”  I backed away and stumbled for words. “Oh gee…. my bad.  I didn’t mean to intrude.  I just saw the pictures and were curious.  They are beautiful.  Did you take them?”

“Yes, it took me awhile to convince my friends to pose for me.  I can’t afford to pay for models.”

“Your friends must trust you.  I don’t know if I could get any of my friends to pose naked for me.  You really did a nice job in portraying the lines of their bodies.  They seemed so comfortable.”

“Thank you, it was their first time posing nude. It wasn’t easy but eventually they felt comfortable.”  Rigby almost blushed and I noticed his eyes looking at the same picture I had lusted over.

** * * *

It’s past my bedtime.  I better get to bed instead of writing trashy soft core stuff.  It’s been awhile since I written any fiction.  Maybe it’s time to write some stories.