Fight Night

I woke up with my fist clenched and could sense the surge of adrenalin. The dream was still vivid. I’m driving through Tennessee. My car has stopped and 2 men in overalls are walking towards my side of the car. I knew they were bad guys. One was standing right beside the car. I reached out, grabbed his overalls and pulled him closer. I wanted to stab or punch him and then drag him along the side of the car when it started to move. But I realized I was in the backseat. I didn’t have a knife. So I started to punch him but it felt like I was just punching air. The car wasn’t moving and I kept yelling for the driver to get going while I held on to him.

That’s all I could remember before I woke up. I calmed myself down, got out of bed, picked up all my pillows from the floor and grabbed a shower. I let the warm water flow down on my body as I relaxed. One of these days, maybe I can figure out how my brain works.


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