Just writing a bit here

I really don’t know what to write sometimes.  After breakfast, I wanted to write.  It’s almost bedtime now and I’ve deleted about 5 draft entries.  One was too depressing.  One was too boring.  Another one just had a lonely sentence.  The other ones don’t even rate a description.

The darkness of winter is probably the thing I hate the most.  It’s not the cold, the ice or the snow.  I can adapt to those.  By 4 in the afternoon, it is starting to be dark.  I have 3 huge windows on my condo.  But during the winter, even they can’t let in enough light.  Some evenings, I turn on a few more lights and even light some candles to make my place feel brighter.  You may find it odd that I don’t have Christmas decorations at my condo.  I never had.  For some reason, Christmas isn’t that magical thing anymore.  Maybe I’ve grown too cynical.  While I appreciate the gifts I get, it just feels too much like an obligation on everyone’s part.

I need some ideas on what to write.  What questions or suggestions do you have?

On another note, I went to my eye doctor yesterday.  He said my eye sight hasn’t deteriorated.  I don’t need a new prescription.  He did give me an optional prescription for distance in case I think I need it for driving.  Despite his serious demeanour, he’s actually a nice guy and easy to talk to.  He asked about my health since he knows what meds I’m on.  He told me to watch my stress level.  Too many of his patients have had health issues due to stress.  He shook his head when I told him the hours I would work and the amount of sleep I usually get.  But I also told him I’m trying to change that now.

Well, it took me the whole day to write 339 of this.  If I really edited it, I could probably get it down to 250 words.  But for now, I need a bit of quantity rather than quality.


13 thoughts on “Just writing a bit here

  1. I agree with you about the lack of light during the winter months — in northern areas (Alaska, northern Canada), they have developed lots of socializing activities and games to keep people from becoming very depressed.

  2. There are lights for SAD that you can get. Using them for an hour everyday supposedly helps. I suffer from that too which is why I prefer to live in southern California but back home we have many gloomy days in winter.

    I also don’t really write anymore. After the demise of Xanga it just doesn’t have the same appeal. But if you’re itching to write, how about posting an AMA? you can include an introduction or backstory of your life which people can ask more about. Of course whatever details you don’t want to share you can just ignore those questions.

    • I heard about those lights, I should look into getting one of those. It’s been ages (back in Xanga days) since I did one of those AMA. Tumblr has a function where anyone can “ask me anything” (anonymously I think).

      • It’s worth a shot. Tumblrs format isn’t as good because it creates separate posts when you reply to each question

  3. Yes, the sun going down so early is a problem for a lot of people. Having good lighting does help. 🙂
    Yes, stress really does a number on the human body. 😦 I find taking walks/exercise, meditation, and writing help me. 🙂
    My problem is I write TOO much…and less than 4/5ths of it ever makes it on my blog. 🙂
    I like when people write on a book that made a positive impact on them….about a favorite room or place…a famous-person dinner party/who would you invite and why…the last thing you learned…the worst movie you’ve ever seen…about a person who had a great positive impact on you…about your favorite phone apps…
    (I have a million ideas! 🙂 )
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  4. thank you for sharing, matt. i’m glad you no longer need a new prescription for your eye sight. yay. and yes, hope you get to lower your stress level and write more.

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