The Good Ol’ Days

I miss the old days of blogging when people would share about their lives, fears, thoughts, the things they did every day, what made them happy, sad or angry.  It could be anything from family, friendships, relationships, school and work.  I miss coming home to check on the many people I followed to see what was going on in their lives.  Whether they made it up, exaggerated it or wrote it with startling honesty – I’ll never know.  It was just the feeling of feeling connected.  I didn’t feel alone with my fears and aspirations.  Somehow I felt more normal.  Most people didn’t care who read their entries and unlike me, didn’t write anonymously.

Now I blog a lot less and am more guarded by what I say.  It does take time to write something coherent and to follow other blogs.  There are stalkers who prey on snatching tidbits of identity.  There are companies who scour social media to check on prospective job applicants.  Would I want my future company to know that much about my personal life?

So to those that are still blogging and sharing what’s going on in their lives, I raise my glass to you and thank you.  (in this case, it’s a bowl of cereal as I’m writing this first thing in the morning).


14 thoughts on “The Good Ol’ Days

  1. I agree with you Matt. Even though I am still on xanga, I feel lost at times. There are fewer readers, fewer personal interactions and so I am blogging less. Time was when I would whip up a poem each day, now I sit and stare at this screen and coax the key board to help my fingers to start typing. It’s just not the same. I am so glad you are here and I can read about you and see how you are doing.
    I too am very concerned about the stalking and the plagiarism that goes on, and that is another reason I am reticent about writing articles and poems daily.
    Take care and unwind daily and don’t stress too much. Love and hugs dear Matt.

  2. i feel the same way. i hardly write anymore when i used to write everyday on xanga. it was a supportive community. here, i feel like i’m writing to document fleeting moments, usually of the ranting variety.

  3. We all used to put our souls on the web, but now it feels dangerous to do so. I could write whatever I wanted and trust that it was protected and private. Now, anonymity barely exists anymore, and my professional life is so tied in with my online presence…

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