I flew back yesterday to a considerably colder Toronto.  Hong Kong and Taipei was warm but comfortable.  Most of the folks we saw on the street wore sweaters, jackets or hoodies for the low 20s weather.  I didn’t have insomnia when I was on vacation.  It could be the amount of walking we did everyday.  I still woke up at least once a night, usually around 4:00AM.  The trip was a good break after a long hiatus from traveling.  I worked right up to the day I traveled.  I overpacked and had extra undies, tshirts and socks that I never used.  I did some planning but not extensively.  We only booked hotels for the first few nights in Taipei and in Hong Kong.  The remainder of the hotel bookings for Taiwan was done in Taipei.

It felt strange to travel again although I wasn’t backpacking it or roughing it.  Taiwan was very enjoyable and J did all the talking.  I was like a deaf mute that tagged along.  The subway or MTR in Taipei was wonderful.  It’s efficient, it works well and 99% of the people abide by the rules.  The trains stopped where they should, people lined up where they should, people stood right and passed on the left on escalators, people did not rush the trains when the doors were closing.  They just stood in front of the open doors.  I saw people rushed to give up seats for the elderly.  On the streets, cars rarely honked unless it was to alert others.  Taipei just seemed like a clean and efficient city.

The only first world problem I had was in Kaohsiung.  The hotel I picked wasn’t a 5 star hotel and since we were there for only 2 nights, it didn’t seem like a big deal.  It was more comfortable than other hotels I stayed at.  In the toilet, there was a sign that toilet paper shouldn’t be flushed.  I’ve seen them before but that was years ago.  But I survived (although I contemplated buying an air freshener for the toilet).

If you do get a chance to travel in Asia, I would recommend visiting Taiwan.

Hong Kong on the other hand felt even more crowded than I remembered.  We didn’t do a lot of serious sightseeing during this brief visit.  I was there mostly to visit my relatives.  I also paid respects to my grandparents at a cemetery and I was surprised to remember where they were after all these years.  But it also felt like someone was guiding me.

I’ll probably do another blog entry on the 2 countries.

But now, it’s back to the real world.  On my first day, I made a quick visit to my doctor as I have some health issues to take care off.  That’s a bit worrisome but I think things will work out.  I think I’ve let the stress of my job overwhelmed my perspective on health and looking after myself.  After this weekend, it’s back to work on Monday.  My body is still on Hong Kong / Taiwan time.  And I really miss that sign on the hotel that says, “Please Make Up the Room”.  To a messy person like me, that’s better than sex.


11 thoughts on “Reality

  1. Welcome back!
    Sounds like you had an interesting and enjoyable time! Good! 🙂
    You should make up a sign for your bedroom that reads “Please Make Up the Room”…it might give you some smiles. 🙂 Ha! I love that sign! 🙂
    Continued prayers and good wishes related to your health and your job!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • I’m not sure if they are fresh insights. But I was sad to see how much stressed I’ve endured and the effects it has had on my health. I do want to travel more (solo and with J) and I fear my love of writing / photography is beginning to wane.

      I hope you are keeping well.

      • Those sound like pretty strong/useful insights. I hope this would mean better times ahead for you 🙂

        Maybe writing and photography can be replaced by travelling, instead.

        I can’t seem to write anything, at the moment. I’ve started posts, but then delete them. I want to write to let others, like you, know what’s been happening with my life (since I like reading what’s happening with other people), but I haven’t done it, yet.

  2. Hi, Love! I have completely missed these posts. I have read each one of them and loved them. So good that you and J took this trip. What a grand time you both had. I have never been to Taiwan, and would like to visit it sometime. Your description of the city and the metro system is very neat.
    One question, if they didn’t want you to flush the toilet paper down, what did they have to cleanse yourself with? water? They do that in some smaller hotels in India. No toilet paper, period! Fortunately the larger hotels have better arrangements.
    What an emotional trip to the cemetery where your grand parents are resting. How good that you remembered the path to their graves.
    I am glad you are back home Matt. Please take care of your health first. That is the most important thing for you. Ease up on the stress of the work, and try to relax. Love you. Blessings and hugs to you.

  3. i agree. i didn’t hear a single person honked their car when i was there. unlike where i live, where everyone honks everywhere they go. hope your visit to the doctor was positive and no health issues to worry about.

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