Wow – what an interesting city with so many small lanes and small restaurants to explore. We arrived early morning, checked in and left our bags with the front desk while we explored a bit. The subway system is incredibly well organized and efficient. The people are polite.

We got back to the hotel late afternoon. My feet are tired. J is napping. I did encounter a squat toilet this morning. I didn’t even try as I knew I would probably fall in. I still can’t do the Asian squat.



25 thoughts on “Taipei

  1. Matt, Not much time to check blogs lately, but I’m really glad to hear you are getting a vacation. You’ve needed it for a long time. Safe travels my friend.

  2. lol. i haven’t done the asian squad for the longest time. but i’m sure i’ll manage just fine if i have to. be glad taiwan is pretty good when it comes to modern toilet facility. and clean too. i have been to taiwan twice for a holiday and once for business trip. i find the whole country is very pleasant. i do agree with you with the fact that taipei has so many alleys and unexpected little eateries. it’s one of the many things about taipei that i enjoy and miss. would love to go back in the future. ps: have you noticed that there is a 7Eleven pretty much at almost every single block corner?

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