I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane.

My cousins have come and gone.  The visit was brief but filled with food, conversations, laughter and many strolls down memory lane.  They gently chided me about the clutter in my condo.  But it was my dismal Cantonese and Toisan that had them both howling in laughter and grimacing in mock horror.  I mean, I don’t speak Cantonese to anyone nowadays.

In a few days from now, I’ll be on a plane for a vacation.  I’m not even ready.  I still have to get some extra memory cards, clothes, currency and the usual prep before vacation.  There’s also a bunch of stuff at work I have to turn over and a couple of items are complex.   It’s kinda stressing me out…. ironic isn’t it?  It’s been awhile since I’ve traveled overseas for a vacation.  I’m not taking my old backpack.  It looks kinda sad.  That backpack has been with me to Asia and Europe.

And I just noticed a hole in my sneakers.  Sigh – I guess I’ll have to get a new one before my trip.  In the old days, I would be laughing these things off.  I should pack my “old self” into my suitcase.

Taiwan and Hong Kong – I’ll see you soon.


14 thoughts on “I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane.

  1. i hope you will be able to relax soon and enjoy the trip. pre trip anxiety is normal. when i was in the navy, i visited both taiwan and hong kong. didnt have much $$ nor did i know i was going there, so no pre trip planing. what i was able to do and see, i had a good time. i correspond with someone that lives in hong kong. she works at the apple store in central (i think) hong kong. if you get that way and stop in, ask for michelle. lol that would freak her out, lol i was in taiwan when nixon resigned to give you the idea how long ago i was there. lol
    i will be looking forward to seeing your photos.

    • I’m usually not this nervous but it has been awhile since I’ve gone on a real vacation. I’m just going to try and take it easy on the trip. If I forget to bring something, then it’ll be a chance to do a bit of shopping.

  2. Yay! I’m glad you are off on vacation! Take some deep breaths, smile, and enjoy your trip, Matt! 🙂
    The pre-travel stress you are feeling is normal…we all feel that…and we worry about how work will go while we are gone…or how behind we will be when we return…BUT, we need to remember that it’s okay…we all need those breaks from our routine. So, go and plan to have fun, fun, FUN!!! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  3. oh man! i hate it when complicated stuff turns up before a long trip or vacation. hopefully you got it all straightened out and you can concentrate on any last minute travel essentials you need! have a safe trip and enjoy!

      • Well our tranpsortation system is messed up but could make for a good experience riding the jeepneys. Cabs are used by tourists most of the time but traffic is really bad. You can hire me as a driver though, I’ll drive you and your companion in the city and nearby provinces. Hehe Then you can hop on a plane to visit the rest of the islands 🙂

  4. as with anything, practice makes perfect. well, almost perfect. i try to do several short trips out of town within a year, every year. either domestically, or to a nearby asian country. because of this, its so much easier now to figure out what i need or don’t need. i don’t get stressed out when it comes to the idea of packing. i pack at least a week in advance. this way i’d have time to figure out what stuff i’ve forgotten to include that i would need to bring. i actually have a stash of stuff that i actually use only for traveling. but in general, i tend to bring stuff or clothes that are old or i like the least. those i don’t mind getting damaged or gone missing. a person who looks less put together or don’t carry nice stuff, less likely to get mugged. but the most important thing that i’ll take very seriously is a good pair of footwear. i can’t stress enough how much a good quality pair of footwear really help the feet to stay strong and comfortable for the long walks. plus, it always helps to go for a foot massage upon returning from a trip.

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