The dinner was good but …

I was devouring the noodles, fried rice and lobster when J’s nephew leaned over and asked “Uncle Matt, do you know what that guy is shouting about?”  I looked up but didn’t hear anyone shouting in the restaurant.  But just as I resumed eating, I could hear a man talking very loudly in Mandarin.  I had no idea what he was saying.  It was a table of 4, the man and presumably his wife who was holding on to a young child (maybe a year and a half) and a small boy of about 5.   The wife looked tired and just stared blankly ahead.  The man just kept on talking in a harsh tone.  The young boy was cute as a button but had the saddest looking eyes.  He had his chin on the table and even from my distance, I could see his eyes had watered up.

Then an older couple joined them.  The young boy walked over to his dad and they were both looking at the menu.  I continued with my meal and didn’t hear much from them.  But every so often, I glanced over.  The boy still looked sad.  The man never helped his wife look after the baby so she could eat.  The older couple seemed to be lost in their world.  The young boy ate directly from the dishes set on the table (family style).  His bowl and plate were empty.  It seemed like he had to fend for himself.

I just hope things won’t be so bad for him.  His sad eyes and predicament still bothers me.  I don’t know if I should have done something.


8 thoughts on “The dinner was good but …

  1. Always an uncomfortable situation for those sitting near. Sad. 😦 But, without knowing what was being said, or what was going on in the family, there really was nothing you could do.
    Too many families in turmoil, and too many kids having a tough life, in this world. 😦

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