Getting Forgetful

I’ve been more and more forgetful lately.  My reading glasses & sunglasses disappear and reappear whenever they want.  I have no idea where they go.  But they do eventually show up but not before causing much annoyance and irritation.  I have a couple of reminder apps on my phone.  I don’t think I ever used them.  The other day, I went to get a new dish towel to wipe the dishes.  After I took it out, the laundry had just finished so I put the laundry into the dryer (the linen cabinet and the washing machine are within steps of each other).  When I got back to the kitchen, I had no idea where the dish towel went.

I’m grateful that public transit is by my doorsteps.  Because I sometimes can’t find my car keys.  I have used my spare car keys more than once.  And now that I got a new TV and receiver, I have more remote controls than I know what to do with.  At least 1 of the 3 will go off on their own.  I found one of them on top of the washing machine once.  Maybe it went to look for the lost socks.

While I try to laugh this off, this is actually starting to stress me out.  I don’t want to end up like my dad in his final years of life.


11 thoughts on “Getting Forgetful

  1. I had to chuckle reading this but I can understand why it’s worrying. From the distance and using non-existent medical knowledge I’d say you are stressed. I hope you can take it easier.

  2. You could try doing a day with a go pro or something. Record what you’re doing all day and you can rewind and maybe learn from your mistakes. It helps to put things in the same place every time like putting the tv remote on a Velcro strip affixed to the side of the tv or edge of the coffee table. Or putting reading glasses in a few spots in the house where you need them and leaving them there after every use.

  3. i know what you mean by this. it frustrates me to no end when i misplace things.

    there’s this new gadget thingy called Tile that’s supposed to emit a signal as to where your items are. Think of it as a homing device with your phone acting as the guide. I am considering getting a few but it’s really for my car keys.

  4. I have a friend who has several pairs of glasses (regular, reading, computer, dark– he takes them off wherever he happens to be, and is perennially looking for glasses. Finding a place where your glasses are always placed when they’re not in use can help if you are disciplined enough to always put them there. And the same is true for car keys — once in a while, my keys don’t find their way to that home, and they’re always subject of a hunt when that happens!

  5. Things like that happen to all of us. Don’t get stressed about that. If you cannot find something, you will eventually either remember, or, the thing will show up somewhere else. Chances are you took the dish towel with you and put it in the dryer along with the other clothes.

    In my response to your comment, I addressed you as Michael. Sorry about that. I thought the comment was from ‘Atlanta spoon’. I know who you are.

    • What an interesting coincidence. I was just at Michael’s blog. It looks like my confusion has rubbed off on you – hahaha. Btw – I couldn’t find that dish towel – it’s really strange. It’s a good thing I have lots of them. Maybe that’s the secret – just have lots of stuff so I don’t worry about misplacing anything.

  6. I think like most people, you are busy AND have a lot on your mind…that makes us forgetful…we all lose or misplace things. Besides…some dish towels and keys (etc) sprout legs and walk off, just to annoy us human-beans! 😉 😀
    I try to always put my keys in the same place (if they are not in my pocket). That seems to help me.
    As for my reading glasses…the other day I couldn’t find them and I said, “Ha! I think I need glasses to find my reading glasses!” Then I laughed loudly! 😀 Of course the glasses were right where I left them…practically under my nose! 😛
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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