A cluttered home, a cluttered mind

These past few days have found me working late into the night with work and cleaning.  I have relatives coming over and one of them is staying at my condo.  I like them which eases the pain but my condo seems to be in a state of perpetual mess. I just never seem to have time to fix and clean up my place.  My siblings worship at the temple of Martha Stewart.  Everything is prim and proper.  They have the Thanksgiving decorations up.  My brother tells me his wife will sometimes wake up early in the morning to redecorate because she just thought of something interesting.  We’re talking 3 AM in the morning.

So far, I’ve thrown out a bunch of stuff that I don’t need – everything from old food containers, jars, magazines, receipts and stuff.  I have several boxes of invoices, statements etc.. that I need to file.  I think I inherited this need to save stuff (I can’t use the term hoarding yet) from my parents.  To them, everything that could be reused  was saved.  My sister has spent the past few months clearing the stuff from the house.  She would text or call me with another “interesting” thing she found from decades ago.  “Why would our parents keep this stuff?”.  Hopefully my place won’t look so bad when my relatives come.

An update from my previous entry.  I suspect a lot of this is stress related.  No matter how much I plan out my day, we get a lot of last minute request.  It has to go out to the client asap.  So I have to drop everything.  We’re just a small team and everyone has more our fair share of work.  Budget cuts have not helped.  I still work 2 to 4 hours each evening and part of my weekend.  It’s not a great life.  Maybe I have this phobia of change.  Or inertia is a more powerful force than I realize.


7 thoughts on “A cluttered home, a cluttered mind

  1. matt, i have now come to believe that inertia is indeed a more powerful force than i’ve ever given it credit for.

    i hope that you are getting some kind of outlet or way to escape – even a little bit from – all of this that you’re juggling. i got your email and i will get back to you on it as soon as I can. in the meantime, do take care.

    i was cleaning up also a few days ago and i’ve realized that i have so much stuff laying around that cleaning it disrupts whatever weird harmony holds my space together and then i end up with almost as big of – if not a bigger mess than when i first started. i am sure the place will be fine when your relatives come. if all else fails, perhaps feeding them well may make up for some clutter here and there (at least, that’s what i’ve come to find out).

    again, take care and it’s good to see that you are feeling at least marginally better

    • Maybe I’ll clean your place and you’ll clean mine? hahaha… I think when my cousins show up, I’m going to make sure they don’t do a white glove inspection. I do feel a bit better Michael – thank you.

  2. I hope you can find the time and ways to include some fun and renewal in your life…like to take a walk or whatever you find refreshing to help relieve some of the stress.
    I think all of us have clutter in our homes. And often the thought of company gets me in the mood to clean and throw things away. 😉 But, I’ve come to realize people don’t care so much about all of that…they are coming to see you because they love you and they are focused on the visit. Even if Martha Stewart was coming over, I’d probably leave things as they are and let her have some fun! Ha! 😉 Because probably my best pick-up and clean-up effort would not be good enough for her! 😉 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…one time (years ago, right after my first child was born) I had a friend with a cleaning company who wanted to come over and clean my house after the baby and I came home from the hospital. I cleaned the house before she came over to clean the house. Ha. I’m not quite that bad anymore. 😛

  3. We are not hoarders, we are collectors. Or at least that’s what I try to tell myself when I navigate around piles of stuff.

    I can very much relate to your fear of change. I think I am similar. On the one hand, I dislike change; on the other, I feel suffocated by inertia. Strange.

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