Despite promising myself I need to change and do things that I want to do, I’m still stuck in a job that pays the bills but does nothing else for my soul.  The trips to the gym have become a bit sporadic.  My brain sometimes sleeps during the day and becomes active at night when I need it to sleep.  Its weird, sometimes I’ll be changing channels and it’ll stop on some show with someone going on about doing what you love.  Another day, I suddenly remembered this travel outfit that I had checked out years ago for camping and hiking trips up way up north.  Then my sister told me about a story she heard from one of our aunts.  Her brother in law had worked so hard for his company.  It was some sort of special project and he busted his balls.  When it was over, they simply let him go.  He passed away a few months after that leaving 4 young kids.  I remember my mom telling me that story many years ago.  There’ve been so many signs.

I guess I wasn’t doing anything about it.  So life decided to give me a slap in the face.  After dinner on the weekend with J, I asked him to drive me to the hospital.  I wasn’t feeling well.  The guy at the emergency did a quick assessment and in about 15 mins, I was admitted.  The guy behind me was bleeding from a cut in his face.  There were others that looked like they’ve been there for hours.  I felt a bit guilty getting ahead of them.

at the ER

at the ER

I was there for maybe an hour and a bit.  I only took one picture with my phone.  Sorry – no selfies. The doctor kept me awhile to make sure I was ok once I got fixed me up.  I’m fine now.   I guess I need to take care of myself and enjoy life.

You folks doing ok?


11 thoughts on “Lost

  1. Take care of yourself, Matt. After the family stresses you’ve had, it’s probably wise to take your time changing your life, but it does sound as if that might be something to plan for!

  2. matt, i’m sorry to hear that you had to go to the emergency room but i am glad that you are feeling better for the most part. i’ll keep it brief here but when you get a chance do look for my reply to your comment on my page. be well!

  3. Omg, Matt. Are you ok, now?

    If you had a child and your child saw how you lived, what do you think he/she would say? He/she would of course want you to stop what you’re doing and ease up and do more enjoyable things.

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