Sometimes My Brain Stops Working

I think my brain stops working sometimes.  It’s as if my body is moving but there’s no one home.  Here are a few recent examples.

1. I went downstairs from my condo to get my mail. When I got back, I couldn’t open my door.  I kept turning the lever but door won’t open.  Then my brain started to come alive.  Maybe I should just unlock the door using the key I was holding in my hand.

2.  When I watch TV and change channels during the commercials, I rarely remember what I was watching originally.  So I end up watching something else.   Sometimes I’ll stumble back to the  the show I was watching originally as I’m flipping through the channels again.  Now I rarely change channels (especially when I’m watching Walking Dead).

3.  I will soon resort to tying my reading glasses to my “thing”.  It’s the only way for me not to lose my reading glasses.  But I know I’ll end up tying my remote controls, wallet etc… to it.  Hmm… I wonder if that will stretch my “thing”?

4. If I don’t write down when I put something in the oven, I will never remember it.  I have a timer on my iPhone but keep forgetting to check it.

5.  Don’t even ask me about passwords.  I can remember my ATM password, a few of my online passwords and believe it or not, my student number from university.  As for the rest, I think I will have to write them down on my “thing”.

6.  I was doing laundry and noticed I didn’t have enough for a full load.  It was towards the end of the day so I figured I would just toss in what I was wearing.  Then I realized the blinds were up.  I ran to my bedroom to put on some clothes.   It’s a good thing I haven’t attached my glasses and remote controls to my “thing” yet.

I need some brain pills.



8 thoughts on “Sometimes My Brain Stops Working

  1. Ha! This is so funny! 😀 Best post I’ve read this week! 😀
    You are too young to be dealing with brain-deadness. You must have brain overload…just too much info to remember.
    OH! I love The Walking Dead! I’ve heard the next season is going to be amazing! 🙂 I can’t wait! I related to the brain-dead-zombie-peeps! 😉
    I think you’re expecting too much of your “thing”. If you’re the typical male, your “thing” is already doing most of your thinking for you…and now you’re expecting “him” to keep track of all your stuff. 😮

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