Sleepless Nights

“Matt – let’s read.  We always read something before we go to sleep.”

“Yes but it’s almost 2AM!  I’ve got a lot of things that I wanted to get done tomorrow.”  I said.

“You always read a bit to relax and to tire your eyes.  Otherwise, you can’t sleep.”

I cringed.  “Ok – but no more than 30 minutes.”

An hour later,  I was still wide awake.  

“Matt, do you want to play Scrabble on your phone?”

“It’s past 3!  I really need to sleep.” 

“You can always take your pills.” 

“I can but I don’t want to.  I always feel so tired in the morning.  But maybe some Scrabble will unscramble my mind.”  I said.

After a couple of futile rounds, I checked my Instagram feed, liked a bunch of photos, checked the news and read some more.  By the time I rolled over, I noticed it was starting to get bright outside.  I knew it was past 4:30AM but I hoped the light was just the streetlamp.  I somehow got to sleep and woke up around 10:30 AM.  It took an hour before I made it to the shower. I didn’t bother shaving today.  I didn’t want to eat breakfast at home so I walked to a nearby coffeeshop and gulped down some caffeine.

I get stressed every night when I go to bed.  I go through variations of this ritual.  Some nights, I’m fortunate and can sleep within 30 minutes.  Last night was one of the longer bouts of insomnia.   Now the day is almost over and I just feel like I wasted the entire day. 



19 thoughts on “Sleepless Nights

  1. Have you tried changing your daily routine? I’ve heard that you should refrain from using electronic devices at least two hours before bed. Maybe you can stop using your phone at 8pm and then shower/make lunch/read a book/drink warm milk or write in a journal. Then when you feel a bit tired, put away all the distractions and go to bed.

    • I read about not using electronic devices. I’m trying to stop using my laptop past 10PM (oops… it’s almost 10:30PM). But I usually work into the evenings and then I do my own stuff on my laptop afterwards. I do try to dim my phone and laptop at night. I should cut back even more.

      • Yeah. If anything it’s more about changing the earlier part of your schedule than the later. If you slept really early you could (theoretically) do work in the morning.

      • Keeping yourself accountable to someone else helps immensely for me. If I schedule something at 9am or earlier I know I have to wake up by 8am or earlier

  2. Aw. To not be able to get to sleep or to sleep is a bummer. 😦

    I struggle with getting to sleep…But, once I’m out, I’m out cold. 🙂 The routine I have, seems to help me get to sleep most nights.

    Ha! That conversation you shared…if I’m around someone else who is sleeping and I can’t sleep, I sometimes wake them up to see if they want to play a game or read or sing or talk, etc. They usually banish me from the bedroom. 😉 Ha! 😀

    You’ve gotten some good suggestions. I hope some of that helps.
    Good luck!

    Oh..I have to have the room really dark. And I use a “white noise” machine…it’s on a low sound…that helps me get to sleep.

    HUGS!!! 🙂

  3. damn. looks like there’s no end to this. maybe you should just move down to asia. our sleeping hours seem to fit yours.

  4. i knew this feeling quite well. i am not sure what changed but a few months before meeting my gf, the only way i could sleep was by scrolling through my ipad in bed. perhaps downloading Flipboard and subscribing to their Apps or Technology feed will help – a few minutes of that and I was gone. Good luck to you friend. It seems like you have a lot on your mind…

  5. Insomnia is a nightmare in and of itself. It’s so hard to wake up in the morning when you get so little of such poor sleep.

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