I like the early Sunday mornings in my neighbourhood.  The sidewalk is sparse.  There are some joggers and dog owners.   The homeless are sitting on the park benches.  Gentrification has overlooked them.   They reclaim their ‘hood after the hipsters have left for the night.  I duck into a coffeeshop for my weekly luxury, a large soy milk latte.   I notice there is a geeky looking Asian guy with glasses sitting in the corner table.  His dark blue shirt is a nice contrast to his khaki shorts and red canvas shoes.  He is staring intently at his MacBook.  There is a small pile of papers on his right and a coffee on his left.   We glance at each other as I sit down on a table across from him.  It is a poor choice as he is off to my right and I am directly in his line of sight.  I can’t see him unless I turn my head to my right.

But I’m not one that is usually gets noticed. I get out my book and settle down.  In a few moments, I was carried away into another world.   After 20 minutes of of reading, I started to feel guilty about taking so much time to relax.  But then in the background, I heard the Eagles “Take it Easy”.  So I do.  Another song by Arcade Fire catches my attention but I don’t remember the title.   I see movement on my right.  I glance at the Asian guy who has bent down to plug his laptop in.  I notice he has hairy legs.   I guess he’s going to be there for awhile.

Soon I was lost in the rhythm of the coffee shop.  The coffee machines, the buzz of conversations and the music combine to create a mellow soundtrack.  As I sip the last of my latte, my mind start to turn to the chores for today.   One of it was to prep for my work on Monday.  It was discouraging to return to work after a week off.  I did get some chores done and got a lot of rest.  Doing nothing actually felt good.   It was expensive in one way.  I had a lot of work done on my car.  I wish I was like a car.  All I have to do is put in a new battery, replace parts and fluids and I would feel better.


12 thoughts on “Recharging

  1. i understand. being able to just relax without worrying too much about anything seems to be a luxury these days instead of a state of mind. its still worth it to try and getting exercise and going to the coffee shop is – i think – going in the right direction

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