I finally decided to open up an Instagram account.  You can find me at 

There was a bit of a learning curve but once you get the basics out of the way, I found it easy to use.  I found a few ex Xangans (like Gary’s foodporn), posted a few pics and subscribed to a bunch of airplane sites. I have to say the quality of photos range from day to day stuff like I take with my phone to some really stunning photos.

All is quiet on my side.  I’m just trying to get healthier physically and mentally.  I went to the gym last week after a long break from any physical activity.  J dropped by so we worked out together.  Afterwards we pigged out on some delicious Vietnamese food.  I doubt if I gained any points on the fitness side.  I do try to walk at least 30 minutes a day now that the weather has really warmed up.

Work wise – I think I’m pretty well burnt out there.  I have a new manager now.  I have no idea what he is like as he hasn’t responded to any of my emails.


On the Outskirts of Life

For the past couple of months, my productivity at work has declined significantly.  I just can’t seem to focus on anything at all.  I work longer hours to make up for it.  But that isn’t working.  I’ve lost a lot of interest in doing stuff.  It’s just a strange feeling.  It’s as if my mind has adopted an attitude of “I don’t care anymore.”

This is an odd feeling.  I’ve had moments like this before but it would usually just last a couple of days.  I wondered if my body is just telling me to take a break.  I did take a week “off” after my dad passed in December.  But maybe it’s just a combination of stress, grief, insomnia and day to day pressures that have gotten to me.  And I’ve picked up a cold too.  Ugh.

Maybe I need to talk to a wise man or a mystic.