My First World Problems

Sometimes I wonder why my first world problems can create a fair bit of stress in my life.  For example, I had to replace the 2 valves to the washing machine at my unit.  Both were just starting to leak.  In order to replace the valves, the plumber had to turn off the water to my unit.  After they did all their work and left, I started to clean things up.  Then I noticed the shutoff valve to my unit has a very slow leak.  I was told in order to repair that they would have to shut the water to my building (or one of the lines).  So I’ll find out this week when they can do the repairs and how much it’ll cost. 

I also got a new TV to replace my old TV.  I also have to get a new audio video receiver.  Now I’m trying to figure out which receivers are good, what HD packages to get, a TV stand and all those things.  I don’t need audiophile equipment.  I live in a condo so while I love my movies and music loud, I also don’t want to annoy my neighbours.  

My car also needs the engine gasket fixed too.  Ugh…

Yeah, all first world problems.  Suddenly life isn’t that bad anymore.   I wonder if insomnia is a first world problem.  If so, I should stop feeling so bad about it. 


12 thoughts on “My First World Problems

  1. I always find it interesting that everything happens at the same time — not once a month, or once a quarter, but all at once! I think you may be onto something about insomnia being a First World problem!

  2. i also have to remind myself to not freak out too much about my first world problems. it’s good to have perspective, so I try to just do what I can and let things sort themselves out. after all, it isn’t like i’m starving to death or anything.

    life is strange that way. in one continent – i’m stressing about whether or not I should get an XBox One or a Playstation 4, if I was in another I’d probably be fending droves of flies from my sun scorched skin.

    • How true. I think if I were to get a console, I would be hopelessly addicted to a lot of games (blood, gore, violence… yes!) Btw – I haven’t forgotten that Liebster award post. I was looking at it the other day (you do ask the strangest questions…).

  3. I was talking to a friend about this. I think that as we get busier and busier, even the small little things become a stress and worry. I think it’s another sign that you need a holiday away from everything. On the other hand I read an article in U of T magazine about meditation and mindfulness, which talks about the benefits of meditation and how it can help us cope with stress.

    • Thanks for the link on meditation. I saw the magazine too in my inbasket. But I read another article first. I dabbled a bit in meditation but I think I need to pay more attention to it. Thanks for pointing out that article.

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