Dream weaver

My parents were in my dreams for 2 consecutive nights. I never saw their faces nor did they say anything to me. In both cases, I woke up feeling unsettled. I felt hurried and rushed as if I was late. I didn’t know what to make of it.

A few days later, I was reading Natalie Goldberg’s The True Secret of Writing.

I turned the page to Part One and saw this:

“I beg to urge you everyone:

Life and Death are a Great Matter

Awaken, awaken, awaken

Time Passes quickly

Do not waste this precious life”

— Evening chant, written on the wooden han

Those unsettling feelings quickly came back. Was Life trying to tell me something through my dreams?  Maybe it’s time for a change.


17 thoughts on “Dream weaver

  1. I feel we are driven through life by our various commitments. We should try to regain control over life. Easier said than done when one’s boss breathes down one’s neck, but well … in theory.

    • I read your entry. Sometimes I wonder why we have bad dreams. I know it’s just the subconscious tossing around stuff in our head. Sometimes I just want to simply recharge my batteries.

  2. A good lesson that we all should never waste a moment. Live life to the fullest and do our best to do what will make us happy. Much easier said than done though. Hope you will find your way!!

  3. Wow. What a good reminder not to waste the moments that make up our lives.
    I find that dreams help us deal with what has been on our minds…our emotions, our worries, our wonders.
    I think we need to always been looking for things to change for the better.

  4. The other day I dreamed that my therapist and I were both naked and he were about to have anal sex. I wonder what that means. I also dreamt of an old co-worker, she was a middle aged single coworker, and she was dressed in lacey black revealing clothes, trying to get everyone’s attention. I wonder what that means.

    You’ve done small changes – that thing you signed up to. Good on you, Matt!

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