Snippets:  Stray thoughts that crossed my mind.  If I’m 16 yrs old, I would just call this a random post and it would be on tumblr.

1.  There’s a bird quietly singing and chirping near my window.  I can hear it in between the sounds of cars and streetcars.  It’s a touch of nature in my urban living environment.  I guess I should have chirped back because it flew away.

2.  My fat fingers continue to plague my texting.  I texted J “You’re gonna get sick again!”.  It came out as “You’re gonna get dick again!”  Sigh…

3.  I stumbled on a show called “Game of Arms” on AMC.  It’s about these oversized men in arm wrestling competitions.  None of these guys are my type but I was drawn to the show despite the testosterone, adrenaline and sweat seeping through my TV.  I don’t know why I kept watching. I think it’s the camaraderie, friendship and a brothers in arms attitude.  I need some of that.

4.  I had no idea there is bleach and fabric friendly bleach until recently.  This explains why a lot of my towels have started to fray.  Sigh…

5.  I write “sigh” a lot.  Sigh…

6.  I still don’t have Facebook.  But I think I’ll start a site called Buttbook.  You post a picture of your you know what.  If you like someone, you just click on the “kiss my …. ” button.

7.  Both my brother and sister are neat and tidy types.  Guess who isn’t a neat and tidy type?

8.  Saturday must have been Bob Marley day.  His greatest hits CD was playing at the local coffee shop during the morning.  As the night drew to a close, I heard another Bob Marley song while driving home.   If you were on the highway and saw some Chinese guy singing (screeching) reggae, that was me!

9.  I couldn’t figure out why there were so many people (50 to 75?) lined up outside a local record (vinyl) store on Saturday.  I thought they were lining up for concert ticket or some other type of promotion.   I found out it was “Record Store Day”.   It’s good that there’s still folks that like vinyl.

10.  I have to go to a wedding soon.  Someone from the extended family is getting married.  They are nice people but I’m not close to them.  I don’t really want to go but because it’s “family”, so I’m going.   I’ve already have my grumpy face on.



The Nightly Hunt

Every night I stalk and chase you like a hunter.  You always play hard to get.   I curse, plead, cajole, bargain, negotiate and beg.  You eventually give in and I finally wrap my arms around you.  But it’s like sex without any pleasure.  And you don’t even spend a full 8 hours with me.  I hate you for that.  You make the nights even lonelier than it needs to be. 

Did I piss you off in a previous life?  Did I spurn you?  Can we make peace?  Why must you torment me?

I just want to sleep. 



My First World Problems

Sometimes I wonder why my first world problems can create a fair bit of stress in my life.  For example, I had to replace the 2 valves to the washing machine at my unit.  Both were just starting to leak.  In order to replace the valves, the plumber had to turn off the water to my unit.  After they did all their work and left, I started to clean things up.  Then I noticed the shutoff valve to my unit has a very slow leak.  I was told in order to repair that they would have to shut the water to my building (or one of the lines).  So I’ll find out this week when they can do the repairs and how much it’ll cost. 

I also got a new TV to replace my old TV.  I also have to get a new audio video receiver.  Now I’m trying to figure out which receivers are good, what HD packages to get, a TV stand and all those things.  I don’t need audiophile equipment.  I live in a condo so while I love my movies and music loud, I also don’t want to annoy my neighbours.  

My car also needs the engine gasket fixed too.  Ugh…

Yeah, all first world problems.  Suddenly life isn’t that bad anymore.   I wonder if insomnia is a first world problem.  If so, I should stop feeling so bad about it. 

Dream weaver

My parents were in my dreams for 2 consecutive nights. I never saw their faces nor did they say anything to me. In both cases, I woke up feeling unsettled. I felt hurried and rushed as if I was late. I didn’t know what to make of it.

A few days later, I was reading Natalie Goldberg’s The True Secret of Writing.

I turned the page to Part One and saw this:

“I beg to urge you everyone:

Life and Death are a Great Matter

Awaken, awaken, awaken

Time Passes quickly

Do not waste this precious life”

— Evening chant, written on the wooden han

Those unsettling feelings quickly came back. Was Life trying to tell me something through my dreams?  Maybe it’s time for a change.