Neighbourly Love

Either I have new neighbours or one of them now has a healthy sex life.  A couple of weeks ago, I heard the orgasmic groans from one of my neighbours.  It sounded like a guy but all my neighbours (left, right and above) are women.   So one of them has a new partner?   Tonight, I heard a guy going “Ooohhh…. oohhhh… ooohhhhhhhhh”  I hope there’s no round 2. 

Why can’t my neighbours be mimes?  Then they can have all the sex they want and be quiet about it. 

This is not helping my insomnia at all. 


10 thoughts on “Neighbourly Love

  1. I read this on Xanga earlier and I’m still laughing. Sorry. I’m not laughing at you…I’m laughing with the noisy neighbors who sound like they are having a fun time! 😉 And, laughing, about the mime part! 😀
    I once had neighbors like that in an apartment complex in San Francisco. So, my guy and I stepped up our noises to compete with them. It was always fun to run into them in the hallway. 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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