Brief update

It’s been incredibly busy at work.  I typically work every weekday evenings and half days on the weekends.  The other night, I was helping out on a proposal.  I finished at midnight and sent my version to someone on the west coast.  It was still 9PM over there.  He worked on it for a few more hours and sent it off to someone in Manila.  That person will put all the finishing touches and send it back to us first thing in the morning.  It’s a crazy world.   Most nights I just stumble into bed and immediately fall asleep.  I even woke up one morning with my shirt and jeans still on and my bedside lamp shining brightly.

The year actually started off well.  I got reacquainted with the small gym in my condo.  I started to look for writing courses.   Then work sort of just took over as it usually does.  In the middle of this, I managed to survive another round of job cuts.  The myth of the work life balance.  Part of me wants to leave.  Part of me is too scared to.


19 thoughts on “Brief update

  1. I like your description of how a global work force is used to work against the clock. A sad reality. Your final statement about wanting to leave but being scared is one I share.

      • Fully agree. Sometimes I too wonder if being let you would be like “setting me free”. But then I think how silly it is to wait for something like this to happen rather then shaping one’s own destiny.

    • There aren’t a lot of good jobs internally. I’m getting tired of my field (IT). It will be a bit tricky and challenging to look for something outside of IT because of the lack of experience.

      The pressures now are similar to other companies (meeting our EPS targets, profit targets, showing y/y growth in revenue, organic growth, backlog…). Somehow in the middle of this, most companies forgot about looking after the employee.

      • this is true. what a dumb world this is.

        btw – do you get a notice on your wordpress dashboard that I replied to your comment? I just want to make sure because I do reply to everyone’s comment that posts on my page.

      • Yes I did get a notice (the notifications box turns orange) for this comment. I didn’t get a notification on the comment on your blog. Maybe it wasn’t a reply but just a comment? Anyways – I have an iPhone 5s, I did reinstall the app but it still doesn’t connect. Maybe it’s because I have a combination of alphanumeric in my password.

      • oh man. i knew something was up….i’ll look around to everyone else’s blog to see if there’s something I could fix.

        as for the app. it’s really unfortunate that you can’t log in…the only other thing I can say is that i’ve noticed the name of the blog can be different than the username you’ve given yourself. that’s the only possible thing I can think of besides the alphanumeric discrepancy. that sucks matt, i hope you can get that fixed…

      • Something caught my eye the other day. A few folks refer to you as MSP. I wasn’t sure if that was your initials or a play on MVP. Maybe you’re their Most Special Photographer? Or My Special Pinoy? My Silly Pundit? (This is what I think about when I procrastinate…)

  2. Without knowing the type of work you are in, would you consider a move to the public sector if a job came up? Experience has shown that public sector jobs, while posing their own challenges, often have a better work life balance.

    • I would consider it. I have a cousin who works in one of the universities here. When the school shuts down for Xmas, he is off too (in addition to his normal vacation). One of my colleagues works for the province. He told me that he has so much free time at nights now. There aren’t any crazy deadlines to meet.

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