Feeling sick

I have a pretty bad cold or flu.  The symptoms are closer to a flu than a cold though.  I slept pretty well the whole afternoon the other day.  I woke up, had a bite to eat and then slept for another 8 hours.  I felt better yesterday but I just couldn’t sleep at all last night.  I didn’t want to take my sleeping meds on top of Tylenol.  So I just tossed and turned all night, read a bit, watched TV for a bit, threw off the blankets, put on the blankets again when I felt cold.  I finally gave up at 5AM.

A fresh pot of coffee awaits me.  Maybe I’ll just bring a cup of coffee with me into the shower.

There seems to be a bug going around.  J is recovering from a similar bug.  My sister and sister in law are both sick.  It’s a good thing I had my flu vaccination.  Hopefully whatever bug I have will soon leave when it discovers that I’m a very grumpy patient.


17 thoughts on “Feeling sick

  1. Get well soon! I’ve got a really bad headache that doesn’t go away with Advil….:/ hope you get a nice quiet weekend to rest up!

  2. aww. being sick sucks. i’m glad you did get your flu shot, because otherwise your symptoms might’ve been worse. (the flu is definitely going around this year, and thankfully the current vaccine is the correct formula for the most popular strain, H1N1). get well soon.

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