Walking Dead

Tonight is bigger than Super Bowl.  Walking Dead comes alive again.  I can only hope the writers don’t kill off Steven Yeun (Glenn).  If they do, I will unleash some bad ass Asian ninja zombies on those writers. 

There are a few things I never understood about zombies.  How do they digest their food?  I mean, it’s all meat and don’t they need a bit of fiber to get it through their rotted digestive systems?  How do zombies poop?  Maybe they don’t really care.  Of course, curious people like me want to know about zombie sex.  Won’t the body parts just be pulled right off or twisted off while they are being groped and caressed?  Are there gay zombies?  I haven’t seen the rainbow flag yet but I remain optimistic.  And I haven’t seen an Asian zombie on the show yet (please don’t let it be Glenn).  Maybe this season, we’ll see some gay Asian zombies. I haven’t found a zombie that I can identify with yet. 

Now I hear Jack Bauer (24) is coming back.  The last couple of seasons of 24 were a bit far fetched.  But won’t it be neat if we had Jack Bauer going up against the zombies?  How would he torture the zombies?  I mean, breaking off an arm and a leg doesn’t do anything to them.  They can’t talk either.    I want to see some terrorist zombies going against Jack Bauer. 

One minor update on my life.  As you can see in the picture below, one of the wheels to my bedframe broke off.  I can only
 conclude that it was from repetitive horizontal shaking of the bed.  So now, I sleep with the bed tilted slightly to the right.  I haven’t rolled off the bed yet.  But my politics seems to have shifted slightly to the right as well. 


(Ed. note:  our fact checkers have concluded that the wheel broke off when Matt moved the bed during vacuuming and not from any rigorous horizontal shaking of the bed.)


13 thoughts on “Walking Dead

  1. Yay! I’m so excited! The Walking Dead is my favorite TV show!!! 🙂
    They better NOT kill off Glenn! If they do, I will so upset!
    Ha! 😀 I have all those same questions about zombies! We need some answers! 😉
    I am safe from zombies, because I only have a snack-size brain and they are looking for a whole meal! 😀
    Your poor bed!
    I have bed-breaking stories…three of them…but you might be too young for them, Matt! 😀
    And they would be a whole ‘nother long crazy post!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. i used to love watching these kinds of movies…but the older i get, the more i avoid them…can’t figure it out…lol
    interesting questions about zombies you’re asking there…can’t help you out with any of them though =P

  3. I stopped watching this show somewhere in the middle of season 1. I find these things boring after a while.

    As for your bed … maybe the thing broke off due to having previously experienced horizontal stress. 😛

  4. i swear, if there was a zombie apocalypse – even slow moving zombies – i don’t know matt. i’d probably just die on the spot. lol. sorry about the bed wheel, that must be a pain!

  5. My lasting impression from this post: Matt likes aggressive zombie sex.

    I stopped watching TWD and 24 awhile ago. I wonder if it’ll be the same with Games of Thrones when that airs again. Do you watch that?

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