Feeling sick

I have a pretty bad cold or flu.  The symptoms are closer to a flu than a cold though.  I slept pretty well the whole afternoon the other day.  I woke up, had a bite to eat and then slept for another 8 hours.  I felt better yesterday but I just couldn’t sleep at all last night.  I didn’t want to take my sleeping meds on top of Tylenol.  So I just tossed and turned all night, read a bit, watched TV for a bit, threw off the blankets, put on the blankets again when I felt cold.  I finally gave up at 5AM.

A fresh pot of coffee awaits me.  Maybe I’ll just bring a cup of coffee with me into the shower.

There seems to be a bug going around.  J is recovering from a similar bug.  My sister and sister in law are both sick.  It’s a good thing I had my flu vaccination.  Hopefully whatever bug I have will soon leave when it discovers that I’m a very grumpy patient.


Walking Dead

Tonight is bigger than Super Bowl.  Walking Dead comes alive again.  I can only hope the writers don’t kill off Steven Yeun (Glenn).  If they do, I will unleash some bad ass Asian ninja zombies on those writers. 

There are a few things I never understood about zombies.  How do they digest their food?  I mean, it’s all meat and don’t they need a bit of fiber to get it through their rotted digestive systems?  How do zombies poop?  Maybe they don’t really care.  Of course, curious people like me want to know about zombie sex.  Won’t the body parts just be pulled right off or twisted off while they are being groped and caressed?  Are there gay zombies?  I haven’t seen the rainbow flag yet but I remain optimistic.  And I haven’t seen an Asian zombie on the show yet (please don’t let it be Glenn).  Maybe this season, we’ll see some gay Asian zombies. I haven’t found a zombie that I can identify with yet. 

Now I hear Jack Bauer (24) is coming back.  The last couple of seasons of 24 were a bit far fetched.  But won’t it be neat if we had Jack Bauer going up against the zombies?  How would he torture the zombies?  I mean, breaking off an arm and a leg doesn’t do anything to them.  They can’t talk either.    I want to see some terrorist zombies going against Jack Bauer. 

One minor update on my life.  As you can see in the picture below, one of the wheels to my bedframe broke off.  I can only
 conclude that it was from repetitive horizontal shaking of the bed.  So now, I sleep with the bed tilted slightly to the right.  I haven’t rolled off the bed yet.  But my politics seems to have shifted slightly to the right as well. 


(Ed. note:  our fact checkers have concluded that the wheel broke off when Matt moved the bed during vacuuming and not from any rigorous horizontal shaking of the bed.)