Healthy Procrastination

I decided to clean my room and then I figured I should clean my condo.  It’s a thankless job and I hate cleaning.  But it’s just to messy.  I got sick of cleaning so I decided to workout instead.  I went to the small gym in my condo.  It was a brief workout.  My muscles trembled, my lungs burned, my head started to spin, my butt started to quiver and my heart started to pump like crazy.  While doing a set of squats, I ripped my boxers.   

At the gym, I could see how badly I got out of shape.  I should eat properly too.  Maybe I’ll make some curry chickpeas w/ veggies and brown rice. 

Now I’m too tired to shower.  I stink from the sweat.  My arms are too tired to type.  If 20 hot naked Asian guys show up, I would be too tired to do anything.  But if they do show up, maybe I can get them to finish cleaning my condo.


13 thoughts on “Healthy Procrastination

  1. I hate cleaning, too! I always procrastinate that! 🙂
    Sounds like quite a work-out at the gym, Matt! Ripped boxers! :-O (shocked face 🙂 ) Next time you go to work-out it will go better! 🙂
    I made brown rice and veggies tonight for supper! 🙂 I added a lot of different peppers, onions, greens, etc. to the rice! It was delicious! 🙂
    Ha! on the hot naked guys showing up! Yes, make them do the cleaning while you rest! 😀
    (adamswomanback from Xanga)

  2. Find some time for yourself. I know how draining what you have been through can be. I hope you have time for a vacation and to just sort things out. I know we are of different faiths, but the recessional hymn I picked for both of my parent’s funerals was “Onward Christian Soldiers.” A reminder for the living to go on. Be safe my friend.
    P.S. You are pretty worn out if you would just have them clean. 😉

    • I’ll find some quiet time in 2014 and take a trip somewhere. I’ll check out Onward Christian Soldiers, I heard of the title but don’t think I heard it before. You’re right – there’s still living to go on. Lots of living.

    • Michael – one of these days, when I become a writer, I want to write about you. Yeah, Christmas is a bit of a downer this year. But I know my dad won’t want us to be gloomy. Thank you and all the best to you too.

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