Damn dementia

Dementia has got to be one of the most cruel diseases around.  It’s reduced my dad from a very intelligent & articulate man to one that lashes out (verbally and physically), cries and hard to manage.  It escalates at night turning bedtime into a nightmarish situation.  I don’t understand his mind.  He seems fine during the day and during the night – this other person comes out.   My sister bears the brunt of this.  I’m able to go home and wallow in guilt.


Is There Anybody Out There

There’s some odd things happening in my condo.  A couple of weeks ago, in the wee hours of the night, I heard creaking sounds.  I tell myself it’s the temperature change that’s causing the hardwood floors to creak.  But this time it sounded as if there was someone walking inside my unit.  I got out of bed and looked around my unit.  There wasn’t anyone of course.  But a couple of my kitchen cupboards doors were opened.  Hmm…. I have left them opened before but I had no idea if I left them opened that night.  Needless to say, I left the lights on when I went back to bed.

A few nights ago, I was washing dishes when I heard a loud noise behind me.  A box of plastic food containers fell and spilled open.  This box has been sitting on top of a case of water for months.  The only way it could have fallen if someone walked by it and caught the edge of the box with their foot.   I’m sure there is a logical explanation but I haven’t figured it out yet.


Update on my dad:  He’s not doing that well.  He got a bit violent, pushing the personal support worker, swearing and throwing things. I had to keep calm when I talked to him.  The doctor at the hospital told us that when the dementia gets worse, some of the patient’s fears and behaviours gets exaggerated.  If the patient was a cautious and suspicious type of person, that behaviour might become dominant.  In my dad’s case, he is a solitary figure.  He just kept telling us “leave me the f*ck alone!”.   I know something is bothering him but I couldn’t get it out from him or he wasn’t able to express it which made him even more frustrated.  The home care is still best for him now despite all the challenges.